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Revolutionize your HighLevel customer support with our all-inclusive HighLevel support bundle, rated #1 by over 700 HighLevel Agencies! Designed exclusively for HighLevel agencies, our tools, and resources provide extensive guidance and education for your customers, enhancing their user experience and driving your customer retention!

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Trusted by 700+ HighLevel Agencies Including:

"If You're Using Go High Level, You Need This... and You Know It!"

"If you are a Go High Level agency, you just have to have this particular tool! Throw in the knowledge base, and that solves every High Level agency's problems in terms of onboarding users and educating them on how to use the platform!"

Fred Vinson

Founder | Lead Automation Systems

Supercharge your HighLevel SaaS Journey with our HighLevel Support Bundle!

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24/7 Customer Support!

Unbranded ChatGPT Powered HighLevel Support!

Taking customer support to the next level, we introduce our AI-Powered Support, integrated into the ChatHQ Engagement Widget and the Knowledge Base. Watch the GIF below to get a sneak peek at one of our videos!👇

Coming soon!

Intelligent Assistance

Our ChatGPT-powered support system isn't your average chatbot. It learns from every customer interaction, becoming increasingly accurate and efficient in addressing user queries. This allows it to offer personalized responses that accurately address each customer's needs.

24/7 Support

With AI-powered support, your customers can receive help anytime they need it. This eliminates waiting times and the need to adjust to different time zones, ensuring a smooth user experience round the clock.

Seamless Integration

Our AI-Powered Support is integrated into both the ChatHQ Engagement Widget and the Knowledge Base. This ensures that wherever your customers are seeking help — be it through live chat or browsing the Knowledge Base — they receive the same level of efficient, AI-enhanced support.

ChatGPT powered support bot is NOT HIPPA or GDPR compliant. To speak to our team about HIPPA and GDPR compliance upgrade options, please email us at:

Never leave your customers wondering why! Give them our 24/7 ChatGPT support bot!

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Bundle & Save Thousands!

Rated #1 by HighLevel Agencies

Unbranded HighLevel Knowledge Base

Equip your customers with the power of knowledge through our robust and AI-integrated GHL Knowledge Base. Packed with helpful articles and videos, our Knowledge Base is a learning hub for all things GHL, and it just got smarter with our AI-powered search.

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Advanced HighLevel Training

With over 300 help articles, our Knowledge Base extends beyond basic platform usage. It delves into the advanced aspects of GHL like Workflows, Email Marketing, Funnels and Websites. This empowers your customers to make the most out of the platform, driving their success and indirectly bolstering customer retention.

"I quickly realized how much time these done-for-you guides would save me, and it was a no-brainer!"

Nat Green | Smarter Marketing Systems

Detailed Screenshots & Help Videos!

Understanding HighLevel's complex software functionalities becomes easier with visual representation. That’s why our articles don’t just provide text-based explanations; they include relevant screenshots, GIFs, and over 200 help videos. These visual aids help customers better comprehend the platform's features.

"My clients are loving them! They are super intuitive and so easy to use! It's seriously a no-brainer! The investment of time as well as money on a monthly basis would have been way more than just by going with ChatHQ!"

Becki Devall | COSMOS
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AI-Powered Search

Leveraging artificial intelligence, our search functionality is capable of understanding your user's HighLevel queries more accurately. This means your customers will find the information about your white label HighLevel they're seeking faster, creating a better learning experience and reducing their reliance on live customer support.

"I love my ChatHQ Help Guides! Total no-brainer for me! My clients love them too!"

Mark Carillon | Web904

Empower Your Users with Our AI-Enhanced Knowledge Base!

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Immersive & Educational!

Interactive Help Guides

Immerse your customers in the GHL platform through our comprehensive and interactive help guides. These step-by-step instructions are user-friendly and cover every feature of the platform. Best of all, they're 100% unbranded, aligning seamlessly with your agency's identity.

Pre-Built Interactive Guides!

To ease the burden of support, we offer pre-built guides. These ready-to-use guides save you from investing countless hours in creating your own user manuals. They are meticulously designed, covering all corners of the GHL platform and providing step-by-step assistance to your customers.

Guides Updated Monthly!

In this rapidly evolving tech environment, software updates are frequent. Our guides evolve along with the GHL platform, ensuring the most current information is always available. This means your customers will never encounter outdated guides and can confidently rely on them.

Click-by-Click Education!

Our guides leave no stone unturned. From Dashboard and Conversations to Email Marketing and Automation, every feature, no matter how minute, is covered in these guides. Your customers will have a resource they can turn to, regardless of the GHL functionality they're trying to understand.

Click the button below to test the help guides! 👇

Although you won't be able to test the interactive help guides inside your HighLevel, you can test them right here to see how awesome they are!

Invest in Knowledge with ChatHQ's Pre-Built, Interactive Help Guides!

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In-Depth Video Education

Unbranded Help Videos for HighLevel

Boost your customers' learning with our white labeled educational videos. These tutorial videos break down complex features into easily digestible content, enhancing your customers' understanding of the platform. Click on the video below to get a sneak peek at one of our videos!👇

"It's Really Been a Great Asset, It Was a No-Brainer For Us!"

"It's really helping our clients understand Go HighLevel better, how to use the system better, and it's making our onboardings easier! Now we don't need to train our client's front-desk people as much!"

Dr. Amit Sharda

Founder | Innate Marketing

Boost User Satisfaction with Our HighLevel Support Bundle!

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Bundle & Save Thousands!

How do you get the HighLevel Support Bundle?

You can add the Ultimate HighLevel Support Bundle to your account when you upgrade your ChatHQ Portal account to an Agency Plan!

Upgrade to Growth or Agency and Save Thousands!

By upgrading your ChatHQ Portal account to the Growth or Agency Plan, you get the Ultimate HighLevel Support Bundle for FREE, saving you up to $1200 per year!

HighLevel support bundle was originally $99 per month by itself...


  • Growth Plan Includes:
  • Everything from STARTUP plan
  • 10 Engagement Widgets™
  • 15 Targeted Prompts™ (per widget)
  • Replace ChatHQ Branding (widgets)
  • HighLevel Support Bundle
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HighLevel support bundle was originally $99 per month by itself...


  • Agency Plan Includes:
  • Everything from GROWTH plan
  • Unlimited Engagement Widgets™
  • Unlimited Targeted Prompts™
  • White Label Widget Builder™
  • HighLevel Support Bundle
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HighLevel Support Bundle ONLY included in ChatHQ Portal plans. NOT sold separately.

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