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"Excellent addition to HighLevel SaaS subscriptions!"

"The Engagement Widget™ is an excellent addition to HighLevel SaaS subscriptions. It significantly boosts customer engagement and satisfaction. I offered ChatHQ's widgets as a free upgrade, and in return, got video testimonials for my services. It's a win-win situation!"

Alejandro Lopez

Owner | Digital Guardians

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The Power of HighLevel in Every Engagement Widget™

Replace HighLevel's SMS chat widget with ChatHQ, and maintain all functionality! Messages are added to the "conversations" section in your HighLevel, added to the contact's "activity" log, and trigger workflows just like the regular chat widget!

Integrate HighLevel booking calendars directly into your ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ and collect appointments all in one place! Give your customers and visitors different options by adding calendar groups or individual calendars!

Build forms and surveys in HighLevel and integrate them directly into your ChatHQ Engagement Widget™. Customize the look and feel of your forms and surveys and maintain all functionality after it's submitted!

All of your Google and Facebook reviews that are pulled into a HighLevel sub-account can be shown inside of your ChatHQ Engagement Widget™. Choose a minimum star rating and other features that will help show off your high customer rating!

"ChatHQ isn't just a tool for me... it's a game changer!"

"Considering the capabilities of ChatHQ, it's clear why it's become such an essential tool for me. Their engagement widget has transformed the way I approach customer success."

Glenn Wasserman

President | 1CustomerPlus

Differentiate Your Agency From The Competition!

Deliver Unique and Personalized Customer Experiences!

Introducing our innovative White Label Widget Builder™, your ultimate solution to streamlining the widget creation process within your HighLevel accounts. Your clients can now effortlessly build their own Engagement Widgets™ without needing their own ChatHQ account, all under your own agency's white label HighLevel brand!

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3 Easy Steps to Success!

Set up your White Label Widget Builder™ in 5 minutes or less!

With ChatHQ Engagement Widgets™, you now have the ability to create the ULTIMATE tool for your websites and sales funnels that will dramatically increase lead generation, total sales, and customer success!

Connect your HighLevel API Key to ChatHQ

With less than 3 minutes of your time you can create a new agency API key in your HighLevel, or grab a location specific API key, and connect it to your ChatHQ account!

Copy and paste Javascript into HighLevel

Once you connect your HighLevel API key, you will get some Javascript that you simply copy & paste directly into your HighLevel account!

Create a custom menu link for your customers

Once you have the custom ChatHQ Javascript added, just create a custom menu link and add it to any sub-accounts that you want to give the White Label Widget Builder™ to and you're all set!

"ChatHQ's white label solution adds another revenue stream for agencies."

"Not only has it been a great tool for our agency, but our clients love using it! They can now move away from the standard HighLevel chat widget and add more features that help their business. ChatHQ also just released a fully white-labeled version so my customers can build their own widgets!"

Charles Higgins

Founder | Pinnacle AI

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