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ChatHQ helps Digital Marketing Agencies and SaaS Startups generate more customers, skyrocket customer satisfaction, and simplify customer support with dynamic engagement technology!

  • Increase Leads
  • Skyrocket Sales
  • Simplify Support
  • Accelerate Adoption
  • Elevate Satisfaction
  • Boost Retention
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How Can Quality Engagement Help Your Business?

In today's digital age, the success of your business hinges not just on the products or services you offer but significantly on the quality of engagement with your prospects and customers. Meaningful interactions are the cornerstone of building trust, loyalty, and a robust customer base.


Generate More Leads, Appointments, and Sales!

Significantly boost lead generation and conversion rates on websites and sales funnels using Dynamic Behavior Targeting™, Conversion Tools™, and Smart Popups™

  • Continuously Engage with website visitors when & where they are most likey to convert into customers.
  • Build Personalized Experiences for unique customer journeys that leave a lasting impression on visitors.
  • 24/7 Lead Capture Tools that sollect opt-ins and drive lead generation while you sleep.

"The Engagement Widget™ is SO FUN to put together, and it solved a CRAZY complex funnel issue I was facing! SO GOOD!"

Colleen McCartney |
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✨ Support

Provide World-Class Customer Support 

ChatHQ optimizes your customer support on your website or software application by streamlining operations to make life easier for you and your customers.

  • Collect Support Inquiries with forms & surveys that integrate directly with your favorite software solutions like HighLevel.
  • Support with Livechat AI to easily manage customer support inquiries and reduce manual labor.
  • Build AI-Powered Knowledge Bases that deliver robust help documentation to educate your customers with ease.

"ChatHQ is something that you’ll really look forward to implementing into your business! It has certainly helped us very much in supporting our clients. You won't regret it!"

Jackson Chen | ACR Digital
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✨ Retain

Reduce Churn and Increase Customer Satisfaction

ChatHQ is designed to turn your customer interactions into lasting relationships, ensuring your customers feel valued and understood from their first visit and beyond.

  • Target User Behavior to offer tailor-made solutions, advice, and support, making each customer feel uniquely valued.
  • Provide Educational Content that answers all of your customer's questions and provides the exact training needed for success.
  • Gather Customer Feedback to improve your products and services and show how committed you are to your customers!

"These widgets are 🔥🔥🔥! They definitely overdeliver!"

Cynthia Rohr | LeadTunnel

"Since I've started using ChatHQ, my agency has grown by over 30%"

"I highly recommend ChatHQ! With ChatHQ, I've grown by over 30%. Their amazing engagement widgets™ have made a significant difference in client satisfaction and conversions.”

Jeremy Nicks

CEO & Founder | Social Connector

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✨ Engagement Widgets ✨

Generate Quality Engagement from Prospects & Customers!

With ChatHQ's Engagement Widget™, you now have the ability to create the ULTIMATE ENGAGEMENT tool for your websites, sales funnels, and SaaS applications that will dramatically increase lead generation, skyrocket sales, optimize customer support, and boost customer success!

For Websites & Sales Funnels

Install Using ANY Website or Funnel Builder!

You can install ChatHQ Engagement Widgets™ on your website or sales funnel no matter which website and funnel builder you're using... including HighLevel, Clickfunnels, and Wordpress!

  • Drive More Leads by enhancing visitor engagement through personalized interactions and customizable lead capture tools.
  • Enhance Product Education by providing instant access to an AI-powered knowledge base and robust video libraries on your website.
  • Optimize Your Sales Process by leveraging real-time interactions and targeted engagement strategies to increase conversion rates.
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Hosting Solution Icons


Add To Your CRM or Custom SaaS App!

You can install ChatHQ Engagement Widgets™ in your CRM or custom SaaS application including HighLevel, HubSpot, and Salesforce!

  • Optimize Customer Support by integrating Advanced Livechat and other support tools to ensure efficient and personalized user assistance.
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction by delivering personalized engagement and support, enhancing the user experience across every touchpoint.
  • Track User Engagement & Activity through comprehensive analytics, enabling targeted interactions and insights into customer behavior!

"I LOVE how easy it is to setup!"

"I just LOVE how easy it is to set up these Engagement Widgets™. You guys have done an amazing job with the look and feel, and my customers love them!"

Becki DeVall

Founder of COSMOS

Interact with website visitors and customers like never before!

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✨ Dynamic Behavior Targeting ✨

Create Unique Interactions Based on User Behavior

ChatHQ is the only software on the market that lets you DYNAMICALLY change the appearance and functionality of your widget and popups based on conditional logic such as: Date/Time, Page Visits, URLs, and even Custom User Data!

Produce better results by engaging with specific visitors or users based on Behavioral Logic

ChatHQ puts the power of conditional logic in your hands so you can dynamically engage and interact with your prospects and customers! Show different Conversion Tools™ and different Smart Popups™ to deliver a completely unique customer experience!

User Targeting(coming soon)

Deliver personalized user experiences based on custom data such as User Roles, User Status, and even User Subscription Tier.

AND/OR Conditions

Build engagement targeting segments that focus on the exact behavior and targeting assignments you need to maximize results.

Action Triggers

Target prospects and customers take certain actions, such as scrolling the page or clicking a particular button.

Time & Date Scheduling(coming soon)

Schedule CTA's and popups to only show at specific times, on specific days, or during specific months.

URL Filters

Create unique experiences for prospects and customers using filters such as URL Contains, URL Starts With, URL Ends With, and URL Previously Visited.

Page Visits & Sessions(coming soon)

Control when to show CTA's and popups based on number of page visits or session on your website or in your SaaS application.

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What Is Dynamic Behavior Targeting?

Engagement Based on Activity & Behavior

ChatHQ is designed to turn your customer interactions into lasting relationships, ensuring your customers feel valued and understood from their first visit and beyond.

  • Control Customer Journeys using Smart Popups™ to guide your prospects and customers to exactly where they need to be.
  • Build Targeted Messaging and speak directly to your prospects or customers, giving them the exact information they need, exactly when they need it.
  • Create Tailored Experiences by building unique engagement opportunities for your users to take on your website or in your app!

"We're now offering services from $497 to $2,000 per month."

"ChatHQ revolutionized my HighLevel SaaS agency, Product Champ. Their customizable tools have dramatically increased our profitability and customer satisfaction. I'm amazed at the level of customization available with ChatHQ. It's not just a tool… it's an essential part of our strategy."

Chris Iglesia

CEO & Founder | Product Champ

Interact and engage with website visitors and customers like never before!

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✨ User Tracking & Analytics ✨

Track Visitor and User Behavior to Optimize Engagement

ChatHQ goes beyond traditional metrics, offering deep insights into how visitors and users interact with your Engagement Widgets and knowledge bases, empowering you to refine your strategies for superior engagement and heightened customer satisfaction.

Unlock the full potential of your digital interactions with ChatHQ's advanced user tracking & analytics!

From conversion tracking that reveals the effectiveness of your engagement tools to detailed visitor and user tracking for personalized experiences, our analytics provide the data you need to optimize every interaction.

Widget Interactions

Enables precise customization of the widget to align with user preferences and behaviors, significantly improving user experience and satisfaction.

Engagement Rates

Offers insights into how effectively the widget engages users, allowing for targeted improvements to increase interaction rates.

Top Tools Chart

Identifies the most popular tools within the widget, guiding businesses to meet customer needs and preferences more efficiently.

Conversion Tracking(coming soon)

Enhance performance by analyzing widget interactions, allowing for strategic improvement of the most engaging features.

User Tracking(coming soon)

Monitor logged-in user activity to tailor experiences within your SaaS application and drive retention strategies.

Knowledge Base Analytics(coming soon)

Track the most asked questions from inside your AI-Powered Knowledge Base, and track what people are searching for the most.

Page View Analysis(coming soon)

Identify the most visited pages of your site or SaaS application to refine navigation and improve the user experience.

Session Insights(coming soon)

Optimize engagement strategies by analyzing how long users stay on your website or in certain sections of your SaaS application.

Device and Location(coming soon)

Customize interactions and experiences based on the technical profile and geography of your audience.

User Engagement Analytics

Make Better Decisions with Robust Analytics

Fine-tune your approach based on actionable insights, elevate your customer experience and user engagement, and watch your retention soar, by leveraging ChatHQ's comprehensive analytics suite.

  • Increase Conversion Rates with insights showing which pages and features are most effective for lead generation and sales.
  • Monitor User Behavior and offer timely help, guidance, or upsell opportunities, enhancing customer support and user satisfaction.
  • Reduce Customer Churn by identifying patterns and predictors of churn, and implementing strategies to retain at-risk customers.


Don't just take our word for it...

Check out some testimonials from satisfied customers!

“We love the software solutions we get from ChatHQ! We've been happily using ChatHQ for almost two years now, and no plans on ever leaving ChatHQ since they consistently provide more and more value through their products!”

Charles Higgins
Founder of

"ChatHQ has been a lifesaver for me. Their Engagement Widget™ has helped boost my overall conversions and increase my customer retention, leading to over 30% growth for my agency!"

Jeremy Nicks
Social Connector

"If you're not using ChatHQ, you're missing out. Their platform has not only increased my agency's revenue but also significantly enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction."

Jeff Baer
Get Baer Digital

"I can't emphasize enough how great ChatHQ is. Their products and customer service have been a game-changer for my agency."

Alejandro Lopez
Digital Guardians

"ChatHQ has helped us streamline, organize, and enhance our customer service. We can now manage tickets faster, better, and with complete ease. It has saved us money and reduced the need for multiple software solutions for the same task."

Dr. Amit Sharda
Innate Marketing

"ChatHQ revolutionized my HighLevel SaaS agency, Product Champ. Their customizable tools have dramatically increased our profitability and customer satisfaction. I'm amazed at the level of customization available with ChatHQ. It's not just a tool… it's an essential part of our strategy."

Chris Iglesia
Product Champ

"Understanding the needs of restaurant owners, who often juggle many tasks like cooking, is essential. ChatHQ fits right into their fast-paced world by providing quick solutions. I can't stress enough how valuable ChatHQ has been for us. Thank you for everything."

Chris Romani
Restaurant Smarts

"I just LOVE how easy it is to set up these Engagement Widgets™. You guys have done an amazing job with the look and feel, and my customers love them!"

Becki DeVall

Andrew and the team at ChatHQ are the real deal! They have created an amazing product and are always looking to make it even better! You can tell they really care about their clients. Thanks for all your help and support Andrew!

David Strug
The Spa Dash

"The level of thought and workmanship that ChatHQ has put into their widget is amazing! They've changed the game when it comes to website engagement."

Heath Graham
The RepConnect

"From engagement to conversion, ChatHQ has covered every facet of the customer journey. It's hard to imagine my business without it now. Their commitment to creating top-tier tools is evident in the results I've achieved."

Glenn Wasserman

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