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Increase your MRR and customer retention with the ONLY all-in-one, white label tool built for sales, marketing, customer success, and customer support!

ChatHQ was designed to generate more leads on your websites and funnels, educate and onboard new customers, nurture and support current clients, and can be fully white labeled and resold as your own SaaS!

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"Since I've started using ChatHQ, my agency has grown by over 30%"

"I highly recommend ChatHQ! With ChatHQ, I've grown by over 30%. Their amazing engagement widgets™ have made a significant difference in client satisfaction and conversions.”

Jeremy Nicks

CEO & Founder | Social Connector

Integrate ChatHQ into any website or sales funnel and optimize your sales flow!



A higher engagement level with prospects and customers boosts any business's success, whether by converting website visitors into customers or enhancing customer experience.

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More Engagement Means More Leads Generated

ChatHQ significantly boosts lead generation and conversion rates on websites and sales funnels...

Continuously engage with website visitors when & where they are most likey to convert into customers

Deliver personalized user experiences for unique customer journeys that leave a lasting impression on visitors

Offer 24/7 data collection tools to capture opt-ins and drive lead generation while you sleep

"The Engagement Widget™ is SO FUN to put together, and it solved a CRAZY complex funnel issue I was facing! SO GOOD!"

Colleen McCartney |

More Engagement Means Better Customer Support

ChatHQ streamlines customer support on your website or in your software application with...

Advanced Livechat™ powered by AI so you can easily manage customer support inquiries

Forms & surveys for support ticketing that integrate directly with your most used tools like HighLevel

Knowledge Base Builder™, enhanced by AI powered search, so you can build and deliver robust help documentation to your customers

"ChatHQ is something that you’ll really look forward to implementing into your business! It has certainly helped us very much in supporting our clients. You won't regret it!"

Jackson Chen | ACR Digital
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More Engagement Means Faster Product Adoption

ChatHQ speeds up product adoption and increases customer satisfaction inside your software application by...

Onboarding customers at the perfect time with the perfect message using Smart Popups™

Educating new and returning customers with videos anywhere in your software app

Update customers when you release new products and features so they always know how your software works

"These widgets are 🔥🔥🔥! They definitely overdeliver!"

Cynthia Rohr | LeadTunnel

ChatHQ works everywhere!

Works On ANY Website or Funnel Builder!

You can use ChatHQ inside of all of the most popular website and funnel builders 

Boost Your Website Conversion Rates!

Reduce Friction in Your Buyer's Journey in 3 Easy Steps!

With ChatHQ Engagement Widgets™, you now have the ability to create the ULTIMATE tool for your websites and sales funnels that will dramatically increase lead generation, total sales, and customer success!

Add Multiple Different Conversion Options!

Give your website visitors the ability to convert the way THEY want to with various lead generation tools like Forms, Surveys, Calendars, and Webchat!

Educate Buyers About Your Products & Services!

Deliver educational content to your prospects and customers that TEACHES them about your company, products, and services!

Speak Directly To Your Prospects & Customers!

Enhance your sales flows by giving your website visitors the exact message and call-to-action at the PERFECT time in the sales process!

  • Livechat — Add livechat services to your website or sales funnel and give your visitors the ability to talk with a sales or support agent immediately!

  • SMS Webchat — Pass a message from your website into your HighLevel account and continue the conversation using 2-way SMS chat integrated with HighLevel!

  • Lead Capture Forms & Surveys — Increase your lead count, build your email lists, and collect customer information with Forms & Surveys that are integrated directly with your HighLevel account!

  • Booking Calendars — Schedule appointments, demos, and support calls with prospects or customers from ANY page of your website or funnel and send those booked appointments straight into your HighLevel account!

  • Customer Reviews — Show off your amazing customer reviews from Google & Facebook on EVERY page of your website, and even request reviews all from the same widget tool!

  • Knowledge Bases — Build robust & educational libraries of company and product information that help your prospects and customers make buying decisions or learn more about how to use your SaaS app!

  • Link Launchers — Link to ANY website, and send your prospects & customers there with a single click, regardless of whether that page is on your website or somewhere else like your Facebook group or YouTube channel!

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Drive more engagement and conversions on your websites and sales funnels today!

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ChatHQ Portal™ Software Solutions

Designed to boost visitor engagement and multiply conversion rates by reducing friction for your website visitors!

Inside the ChatHQ Portal™, you'll discover powerful applications, each designed to empower your marketing agency with a competitive edge. From Engagement Widgets™ to Advanced Livechat, all our innovative solutions are just a click away.

Engagement Widgets™

Experience the power of our cutting-edge solution, the Engagement Widget™, designed to skyrocket leads & conversions, and streamline customer support! Unleash the potential of multiple Conversion Tools™ above the fold, captivate your visitors with Targeted Prompts™, build dynamic customer journeys utilizing advanced triggering options, and offer world-class customer support all using a single tool!

Advanced Livechat™

Seamlessly integrated into our powerful Engagement Widget™, ChatHQ's Advanced Livechat™ enables real-time interactions with website visitors and customers, driving sales and providing instant support. Our Advanced Livechat™ can even be integrated directly into your HighLevel sub-accounts so you can sell LaaS (livechat as a service) to all of your SaaS customers!

Knowledge Base Builder™

With our Knowledge Base, you can create a central repository of information that helps answer your customers' queries efficiently. Our software integrates seamlessly with your website and the Engagement Widget™, ensuring that your knowledge base is accessible and easy to find. It also helps in reducing support tickets, as customers can find answers on their own, saving your team precious time.

Integrates with your favorite Software applications!

"We're now offering services from $497 to $2,000 per month."

"ChatHQ revolutionized my HighLevel SaaS agency, Product Champ. Their customizable tools have dramatically increased our profitability and customer satisfaction. I'm amazed at the level of customization available with ChatHQ. It's not just a tool… it's an essential part of our strategy."

Chris Iglesia

CEO & Founder | Product Champ

Skyrocket product adoption by educating and onboarding your customers with ease!

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What people are saying about ChatHQ

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"I LOVE how easy it is to setup!"

"I just LOVE how easy it is to set up these Engagement Widgets™. You guys have done an amazing job with the look and feel, and my customers love them!"

Becki DeVall

Founder of COSMOS

Jeremy Nicks

Founder of Social Connector

"ChatHQ has been a lifesaver for me. Their Engagement Widget™ has helped boost my overall conversions and increase my customer retention, leading to over 30% growth for my agency!"

Jeff Baer

Founder of Get Baer Digital

"If you're not using ChatHQ, you're missing out. Their platform has not only increased my agency's revenue but also significantly enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction."

Chris Iglesia

Founder of Product Champ

"ChatHQ revolutionized my HighLevel SaaS agency, Product Champ. Their customizable tools have dramatically increased our profitability and customer satisfaction. I'm amazed at the level of customization available with ChatHQ. It's not just a tool… it's an essential part of our strategy."

Alejandro Lopez

President of Digital Guardians

"I can't emphasize enough how great ChatHQ is. Their products and customer service have been a game-changer for my agency."

Glenn Wasserman

President of 1CustomerPlus

"From engagement to conversion, ChatHQ has covered every facet of the customer journey. It's hard to imagine my business without it now. Their commitment to creating top-tier tools is evident in the results I've achieved."

Charles Higgins

CEO and Founder at

“We love the software solutions we get from ChatHQ! We've been happily using ChatHQ for almost two years now, and no plans on ever leaving ChatHQ since they consistently provide more and more value through their products!”

Heath Graham

Founder at The RepConnect

"The level of thought and workmanship that ChatHQ has put into their widget is amazing! They've changed the game when it comes to website engagement."

Dr. Amit Sharda

Founder of Innate Marketing

"ChatHQ has helped us streamline, organize, and enhance our customer service. We can now manage tickets faster, better, and with complete ease. It has saved us money and reduced the need for multiple software solutions for the same task."

Chris Romani

Owner of Restaurant Smarts

"Understanding the needs of restaurant owners, who often juggle many tasks like cooking, is essential. ChatHQ fits right into their fast-paced world by providing quick solutions. I can't stress enough how valuable ChatHQ has been for us. Thank you for everything."

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