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Increase profit margins and customer retention rates - all while differentiating from your competition - by delivering powerful software solutions to your agency customers instead of only traditional marketing services!

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Why ChatHQ?

Because you need white label tools that will keep your customers happy and paying you forever!

Easy Sales!

Use the widget to optimize conversion events that will produce more leads and conversions!

Easy Support!

Use the widget to identify core issues and solve customer support problems faster and easier than ever!

Easy Success!

Give your customers and easy way to produce results for their business and they will stick around for life!

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Snapshot For Free!

Manage all support tickets inside of your Go High Level using opportunitie pipelines, forms, surveys, workflows, and more! All support tickets have unique "Ticket Numbers" for easy referencing and will have their own email threads for organization purposes! Download your FREE support ticketing snapshot today!

Setup Videos Included!

How Does It Work?

Leverage ChatHQ's white label software to Acquire, Support, and Retain customers!

Conversion rate optimization

Acquire Customers

Add ChatHQ Engagement Widgets to sales funnels and websites, and take advantage of the ULTIMATE conversion rates optimization tool for your business! Level up your website or sales funnel with all the tools you need to acquire new customers at the fastest rate possible and take your marketing agency to the new heights!

  • Offer High-Value CTA's Across All Webpages!
  • Welcome Visitors With Dynamic & Rich Media!
  • Customizable Experiences That Drive Conversions!

"The Engagement Widget™ is SO FUN to put together, and it solved a CRAZY complex funnel issue I was facing! SO GOOD!"

Colleen McCartney |

Educate and Support

Support Customers

Provide world-class support to your HighLevel customers, and offer "easy to access" educational content ANYWHERE they are within your white label HighLevel application! When the knowledge base doesn't help enough, give them the ability to livechat with your team, or submit a support ticket for fast customer support!

  • Build and Embed Robust Knowledge Libraries Inside Of Your Support Widget!
  • Offer Forms & Survey For Different Support Functions Like Support Ticketing" and Bug Reports!
  • Enable Native ChatHQ Livechat and Speak To Your Customers Right When They Need You Most!

"These widgets are 🔥🔥🔥! They definitely overdeliver!"

Cynthia Rohr | LeadTunnel

White label and resell

Retain Customers

The best way to retain your marketing agency customers is to sell them software that their business absolutely NEEDS! The ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ is exactly that! Help your customers drive more conversions and grow their business and they will keep paying you for as long as humanly possible!

  • Resell ChatHQ Widgets Under Your Own Brand!
  • Create Perfect & Unique Widgets For All Of Your Customers!
  • Turn Your ChatHQ Subscription Into a MRR Generating Asset For Your Business!

"I absolutely LOVE the widgets! Clean and easy to use, and easy to setup!"

Jackson Chen | ACR 365
ChatHQ is something that you’ll really look forward to implementing into your business! It has certainly helped us very much in supporting our clients. You won't regret it!
Jackson Chen, ACR Digital
If you're an agency owner, you know that we have to pick and choose our battles. But ChatHQ has been solid from the beginning, and has made running my business easy for me!
David Moceri, 1Dash Pro

Engagement Widget Tools

Customize your Engagement Widget with these amazing tools!

We've built some amazing tools into our Engagement Widget to make your life easier! Click on any of the features below to learn more about each one 👇

Basic Engagement Tools:

(included in FREE plan)

Multi-Location Web Chat (HighLevel)

Completely replace HighLevel's web chat tool, collect new web chat leads, continue the conversation over SMS, AND connect multiple HighLevel sub-accounts to a single widget!

Booking Calendars (HighLevel)

Integrate your HighLevel (and soon Calendly) calendars directly into the Engagement Widget for quick and easy booking flows!

Forms & Surveys (HighLevel)

Build your web forms and surveys in HighLevel, and then integrate them directly into your ChatHQ Engagement Widget for quick and easy lead capture, newsletter, and promotional signups!

Knowledge Library

Integrate your knowledge base directly into your widget! You can build your own, or integrate with software like GitBook!

Link Launcher

Add hyperlinks to your widget and send your visitors to important web pages to drive engagement!

Reputation & Reviews

Dynamically show Google and Facebook reviews, and even COLLECT reviews directly from your widget!

Video Showcase

Construct and organize groups of videos for website visitors and customers to consume! Supports YouTube, Vimeo, and Loom embed!

Tawk.To Livechat

Take advantage of's FREE livechat software, and combine it with the power of ChatHQ by adding it to your widget!

Premium Engagement Tools:

(included in PAID plans ONLY)


Dedicated iFrame

Construct and organize groups of videos for website visitors and customers to consume! Supports YouTube, Vimeo, and Loom embed!


Custom HTML

Construct and organize groups of videos for website visitors and customers to consume! Supports YouTube, Vimeo, and Loom embed!


Rich Content

Construct and organize groups of videos for website visitors and customers to consume! Supports YouTube, Vimeo, and Loom embed!


Client Testimonials

Coming Soon!


Blog & RSS Feed

Coming Soon!


Google Maps

Coming Soon!


Custom Forms

Coming Soon!


Advanced Livechat

Coming Soon!

Plans for agencies of all shapes & sizes!

Whether you are JUST starting your journey with HighLevel, or you are a seasoned veteran, ChatHQ has the plan for you! Choose the plan below that best fits your companies needs.





  • 1 Engagement Widget
  • 1 Welcome Message
  • Basic Engagement Tools
  • Remove ChatHQ Branding
  • Knowledge Base Software
  • Livechat Software
  • Workflow Automations
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  • 3 Engagement Widgets

    Add-ons available billed at $10/mo per widget

  • 5 Welcome Messages (Per Widget)
  • All Engagement Tools
  • White Label Branding
  • 5k Workflow Automations
  • 1 Knowledge Base

    (Coming soon!)

  • 2 Livechat Agent Seats

    (Coming soon!)

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  • Unlimited Engagement Widgets
  • Unlimited Welcome Messages
  • All Engagement Tools
  • White Label Branding
  • 20k Workflow Automations
  • 3 Knowledge Bases

    (Coming soon!)

  • 5 Livechat Agent Seats

    (Coming soon!)

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"Our chat and communication has been so much better, and so much stronger!"

"As you grow, communicating gets more and more important. Having the right message delivered to the right person makes a huge difference! Thank you ChatHQ team, you guys are awesome!"

Todd Westra

CEO & Founder | Moku

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