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If you are looking to learn more about the different features and funtionality that ChatHQ has to offer, our help center is a great place to start! There are all kinds of different articles and videos that will give you insight into how ChatHQ works and how to use it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions

Why should I use ChatHQ instead of Slack's free plan?

Where should we begin?! ChatHQ doesn't limit your messages (free Slack does), ChatHQ allows you to add your own branding (Slack does not), ChatHQ has built-in omnichannel live chat (Slack does not), ChatHQ gives you ulimited custom integrations (Slack does not)... Should I keep going? Click here to learn more about ChatHQ vs Slack!

When I remove ChatHQ branding, what gets removed?

We allow you to replace our ChatHQ logo, favicon, and other image media. You can also add your own custom domain and email SMTP to further solidify your custom branding.

Does ChatHQ have an open API?

Not yet! Anyone that is interested in using the ChatHQ API, please reach out to us at

Is there a lifetime deal for ChatHQ?

Unfortunately we do not offer lifetime deals. HOWEVER you will save a bunch of money by purchasing our yearly plans! Compare our yearly plans on our pricing page: Compare Pricing Plans Here.