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Omnichannel Live Chat

With ChatHQ's omnichannel live chat, you can provide live support for prospects and customers that flows directly into your ChatHQ workspace keeping all external communication in a single platform!

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Generate New Leads With Live Chat!

Increase your conversion rates and reduce your missed opportunities by offering a live chat communication channel on your website for new visitors!

Live Website Chat

With live website chat, your website visitors will always be able to reach your sales team. This dramatically increases the liklihood of that visitor turning into a new customer in real time!

Offline Lead Capture

Don't worry about being unavailable again! With offline messages, your website visitors can submit a question and their contact information that goes directly into your ChatHQ for future follow up, turning that visitor into a new lead!

Pre-Chat Forms

Capture new lead data before your agents even enter a live chat session with Pre-Chat Forms! You can even customize these forms with your own input fields for more control and lead qualification!

Decrease Response Times and Optimize Your Process!

Control the workflow and reduce latency with a number of live chat functions that were created to help optimize your process and streamline your follow up!

Canned Responses

Don't make new live chat leads wait while your agent types... Use templated canned responses for a quick and easy response process!

Real-Time Analytics

Know exactly what your numbers are and how your agents are performing with real-time analytics that updates EVERY 5 SECONDS!

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Live Chat Features

Accomplish More With Live Chat!

Increase your website conversion numbers and increase your speed to the leads with ChatHQ's live website chat widget.

Unlimited Live Chat Agents

Quit paying "Per Seat" for live chat agents. Maximize your profits with unlimited live chat agents to help all of your website visitors!

Canned Responses

Reduce response times by creating a library of canned responses for quick and easy communication with new leads!

Welcome Messages

Create welcome messages for your live chat to let new website visitors know they can start a conversation with an agent!

Pre-Chat Forms

Capture contact information from website visitors when they start a live chat session, turning that visitor into a new lead!

Waiting Queue

Send new live chat sessions into a waiting queue if your current agents are busy so the visitor knows and agent will help them shortly!

Offline Lead Capture

Capture new lead data even when your live chat agents are offline or unavailable with ChatHQ's offline chat forms!

Hot Transfers

Transfer new live chat leads to different departments, agents, or managers depending on their specific needs!

Robust Analytics

Use robust data analytics to track and optimize your live chat agents and processes with real-time analytics!

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The Fastest and Easiest Way To Chat With Your Team and Customers!

Watch this video to learn how ChatHQ can make your team communication more efficient and effective by using public channels, private channels, discussions and threads to organize and coordinate communication!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions

Why should I use ChatHQ instead of Slack's free plan?

Where should we begin?! ChatHQ doesn't limit your messages (free Slack does), ChatHQ allows you to add your own branding (Slack does not), ChatHQ has built-in omnichannel live chat (Slack does not), ChatHQ gives you ulimited custom integrations (Slack does not)... Should I keep going? Click here to learn more about ChatHQ vs Slack!

When I remove ChatHQ branding, what gets removed?

We allow you to replace our ChatHQ logo, favicon, and other image media. You can also add your own custom domain and email SMTP to further solidify your custom branding.

Does ChatHQ have an open API?

Not yet! Anyone that is interested in using the ChatHQ API, please reach out to us at Support@chathq.io

Is there a lifetime deal for ChatHQ?

Unfortunately we do not offer lifetime deals. HOWEVER you will save a bunch of money by purchasing our yearly plans! Compare our yearly plans on our pricing page: Compare Pricing Plans Here.

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